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of education hasn't slowed since the formation of the CCC. Today’s classrooms utilize technology like never before and the CCC too, is evolving to fit the needs of our community!


Beyond the Blackboard was a day-long professional development workshop sponsored by the Community Classroom Consortium as a resource for teachers and other educators throughout north Florida and south Georgia. Held every 2-3 years with a contemporary theme, the workshop consists of a variety of concurrent morning and afternoon sessions designed to promote authentic learning experiences on a variety of topics as well as guest speakers and a resource fair. The resource fair is a chance for all members to showcase the many and varied educational resources for teachers and the general public. Teachers earn in-service points toward recertification and take with them materials to use in their classrooms.

  • Beyond the Blackboard 2003, “A Day with Smithsonian Experts,” was a program for educators that brought five Smithsonian experts to Tallahassee. They provided an exciting menu of sessions that addressed the following topics: The History of Flight, Using Primary Sources, Art & Science, Using Newspapers in Education, and The Environment. More than 150 educators had the opportunity to attend the workshop and the resource fair.

  • The 2006 Beyond the Blackboard, “From Disaster to Discovery: Learning from Natural Hazards,” included sessions related to the following subjects: language arts and reading, science, art and culture, and history and geography. National Weather Service Meteorologist Bob Goree and Florida Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Colleen Castille were keynote speakers at the event.


Classroom Consortium (CCC) and the Lawrence Gregory Community Center at Dade Street. The purpose of the program was twofold: to provide enrichment activities to the existing after-school program at the Center and to increase access to the variety of community education resources available in our region. Every Wednesday, during the regular school year, a member of the CCC will conduct an outreach activity to enrich the learning experiences of children participating in the after-school program at the Center. During the summer months, CCC members work with the Leroy Collins Leon County Public Library to support a reading program to avoid summer reading setback – the occurrence of diminished reading skills over summer vacation.The Project was initiated in 2001 with support from the Frenchtown Front Porch Council. Today, the project runs entirely on the volunteer efforts of members of the Community Classroom Consortium members. Sylvester Davis, then a coach and program coordinator at the Center helped launch the project and was instrumental in its continued success. Because of his contributions to and close association with the project, it was renamed the Sylvester Davis After-school Project after his death.


Enhancing members' knowledge and skills is an important organizational objective. Presentations by experts at the quarterly membership meetings and through special half-day, intensive workshops that focus on specific topics relating to educational issues and pedagogy. This facet of the CCC will continue as we finish the phases of the North Florida Educational Experiences Interactive Web Portal.

Our changing landscape...

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