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The Community Classroom Consortium (CCC) is a coalition of more than thirty cultural, scientific, natural history, and civic organizations in north Florida and south Georgia that provide educational experiences and resources to the public, especially K-12 teachers and students. CCC was established in 1989 through a grant from the Smithsonian Institution’s “Regional Workshop Program.” In 1995, the Consortium became a 501 ©(3) nonprofit organization with bylaws and an elected board of directors.

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The Community Classroom Consortium

  • is a forum for community organizations that advances educational goals through collaboration of its individual members

  • encourages synergy between its members and the community

  • provides “hands-on” learning opportunities in a variety of environments to prepare all learners to meet real-world challenges

  • promotes lifelong learning through diverse activities and materials

  • creates a sense of community through networking among member representatives

  • works in partnership with a variety of educators to provide programs and/or materials that meet or exceed state educational standards.


The purpose of this liaison is to

  • inspire a sense of community

  • provide educational enrichment by offering authentic experiences through collaborative projects, programs, and publications

  • support and strengthen the educational missions of the members of the community.


Collectively, CCC members value the

  • creativity of the members of our consortium

  • diversity within our consortium and the unity we achieve together

  • excellence and high quality of our products

  • support and dedication of the consortium members

  • congeniality that we find in the time we spend together

  • synergy that we create as we work together

  • growth and development of our consortium and the individual members and sites that comprise our organization

  • development of authentic educational experiences for the community at large

  • enthusiasm of the members of our consortium

  • spirit of cooperation that pervades all we do together.

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